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         ACACIA is a high-tech manufacturer of E-cigarettes invested by Guangdong Yue Hui Polytron Technologies Inc., a publicly listed company.
Driven by a commitment to find and develop increasingly advanced technology and provide increasingly reliable service to the e-cigarette community, ACACIA specializes in not only production but also product design, R&D, and marketing of E-cigarettes.Thanks to ACACIA’s professional teams in design, R&D and production, all ACACIA products are CE, RoHS, FCC, PSE certificated and have trustworthy quality.
      Acacia Trust, the first electronic cigarette of ACACIA, was released at the end of 2017.  It has a unique patented Triangular outline structure and is on the way to gaining the trust of the e-cigarette community and promoting the pleasure of smoking e-cigarettes. People will like Acacia Trust at the first sight, but they will love it after experiencing it!
      Following a Chinese proverb, “Honesty can win the world, trustworthiness can win hearts”, ACACIA will always be based on the concept “quality first”, using environmentally friendly technology and components to safeguard customers’ health and providing consumers with safe and user-friendly products they can use with confidence.
      Believe “Trust” in ACACIA and Embrace New Possibilities!